Can you answer this Riddle?
I hold many different components, including a fiery heart. I was born as a rock, being molded from the start. I dance around my fiery neighbor, but he doesn't dance with me. Instead, he provides my children with long-lasting energy. What am I?



It think it is planet or satellite i.e., the moon.The moon was greated when a big meteor hit the planet earth and the dust clouds were sent into the sky. Many years were needed to mould the dust into a spherical form due to the gravitational force of earth.This was how the moon was made.But the moon core is still hot .If you think it is good ,better or best rate me as brainliest

Firstly, I consider this riddle to be a fascinating one. The answer is Earth. Our Earth is formed with atoms and molecules which collided with each other to form a huge chunk of rock which we name as the Earth. The neighbor,as highlighted by the riddle, is the Sun. Sun provides us heat and light energy which impacts our daily lives. Thereby, this riddle clearly states that the answer is the 'Earth'. 

Ps- I accord importance to this question and hope my answer is marked as the brainiest answer. Also, I appreciate such riddles which tests our knowledge about riddles!