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Nepal, a landlocked country, has its own history of earthquake. Earthquake, one of the most dangerous natural disasters is being experienced by various people in various places. Nepal is a seismic prone country and the risk it faces from earthquakes is very high. The main reason behind earthquake in Nepal is that 45 million years ago, the Indian continent collided into Southern Tibet. The Indian continent is driven under Tibet, pushing lightweight sediments upwards and thus the formation of the Himalayas. Nepal sits across the boundary between India and southern Tibet which are still moving towards each other by 2 meters per century. This movement creates pressure within the Earth, which builds up and can only be released through earthquakes. This is the only way earthquakes happen in Nepal.

Seismicity Map

Past records have shown that Nepal can expect two earthquakes of magnitude 7.5-8 on the Richter scale every forty years and one earthquake of magnitude of 8+ in Richter scale every eighty years. According to research there are around 92 fault lines which results earthquake in Nepal. And also in the list of most danger country of earthquake, Nepal is in the 11th position as well as the city in which there will be more human casualties, Nepal is in 1st position.

vernment support for quake victims

The government has announced a relief package for the families of those killed and injured in the 6.8 magnitude-quake that jolted much of the country, especially eastern Nepal, on Sunday evening.

A meeting of Central Natural Disaster Relief Committee (CNDRC) presided by home minister Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar on Monday decided to direct all district-level natural disaster rescue committees to provide Rs 100,000 to the families of those who died in the earthquake as an immediate relief.

Similarly, the CNDRC, as per Prime Minister´s instruction, decided to urge Prime Minister Natural Disaster Rescue Fund to provide Rs 100,000 each to the families of the deceased. A meeting of the CNDRC also decided to provide free of cost treatment to all those injured in the earthquake. The CNDRC also asked district-level committees to furnish the details of damages caused by the quake in three days.

Similarly, the British Embrassy, in a statement deeply regretted the deaths and injuries to others as a result of the collapse. "The ambassador offered his condolences to the local community on Sunday evening and met with relatives of the victims on Monday morning," the statement issued by the embassy said. "The embassy will continue to do everything possible to help the local community and the government of Nepal. Relatives of deceased in British Embassy for compensation
To sum up, natural disasters are dangerous and disasters like earthquakes cannot be controlled and avoided. Such quakes have many chances to come in Nepal again. We should be careful and prepare ourselves mentally and physically. Sunday’s earthquake has become a challenge for the government and citizens. It has been very difficult to rescue and to provide relief packages for the victims. Hundreds of people died, thousands houses damaged, thousands families displaced in Nepal, India and Tibet. Keeping in mind that there is no other religion greater than humanity, we should be ready to help others in such situations nationally and internationally.
With rescue work still under way in Nepal after Sunday’s deadly earthquake in the Himalayas, scientists have warned that the capital Kathmandu is a high-risk city unprepared for the next "Big One". Experts say Kathmandu is one of the most vulnerable cities in the world with an overdue earthquake predicted to kill tens of thousands of people and leave survivors cut off from international aid.
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