What was the problem in Patalpuram? What discussion/action was taken by the following? Fill in the table.
Public meeting
Legislative Assembly
Press conference
Chief Minister

NCERT Class 7th Social Science (Social and Political Life) Chapter 3 How the State Government Works




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The problem in the Patalpuram was, there was a shortage of clean drinking water and also there was a lack of proper sanitation. People were dying of many diseases because there was a shortage of medical facilities.

Public meeting: where people decided that the MLA should take responsibility for providing proper health care.

Legislative Assembly: the need for proper sanitation and health care were discussed by the MLAs and asked the government to take better steps.

Press Conference: the minister explained the steps to improve medical and other health care facilities. The proper water tankers to provide clean water was the other step.

Chief Minister: the chief minister promised funds for the measures, which was suggested by the health ministers and other cleaning problems were discussed too.