1.importance? There wouldn't be living things without osmosis. 

Osmosis is the transfer of "stuff" through a semi-permeable membrane. For food to get in and waste to get out, the living thing needs osmosis.
2. Both the cells will swell...RBC will burst but onion cell will not
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1)Through the process of osmosis, nutrients get transported to cells and waste materials get moved out of them.
2)It is via osmosis only that roots of plants are able to absorb moisture from the soil and transport it upwards, towards the leaves where nutrition is created via photosynthesis.
3)The process of blood purification is carried out by the kidneys which isolates the impurities in the form of urine, which is, then, carried to the bladder from where they are, eventually, sent ahead for evacuation from the body.
4)Plants wouldn't exist without osmosis and without plants, no other life could exist as they are a vital link of the entire food chain of the planet.

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