---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                Love, Faith and trust are the three things that make our life---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Oh yes I agree with the given statement that love, faith and trust are the three major things that make up our life. It's really awesome and even stupendous that when we have all these three things then yes we can lead our life easily and even happily. Even we know that the faith and the honesty are the most important quality that a person need to be in a society where we all live. The trust is the most important thing that we need in our life because without trust on any one just we cannot move on our works. We even know that the these three are the good qualities that a person can have. The love, faith and the trust on others will help is being a great person more than a person we can become a good leader who can led all people in the world. Therefore I conclude that yes these three things are needed by us to make up our life awesome and so that we can live our life to fullest.
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