Yoga and games are very important for maintaining physical and surprisingly, mental health too. Games like football, basketball and cricket make you exercise vigorously but the effort is worth it. You will surely not suffer obesity no matter how much ever you eat. Sometimes, people give up on food due to their poor physical state but that is the most wrong thing to do. Giving up on food is like giving away your life. The only cure is sports and yoga. Coming to yoga, it is an amazing exercise that makes you fit and is no lesser than games. It is scientifically proven that yoga is the best cure for survical spondalytis, which is a very harmful disease. The disease harms your bones and they shift to a side where they are not supposed to be causing much pain. Experts say that games help us emotionally too. Mind games like chess sharpen your brain and make you more intelligent. Even though chess is not a physical exercise, it keeps your mind healthy. So, we must play games and do yoga for keeping ourselves fit.
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