Sedimentary rock(LIMESTONE): mainly used  in the manufacture of Portland cement, the production of lime, manufacture of paper, petrochemicals, insecticides, linoleum, fiberglass,etc

extrusive igneous rock(BASALT): used in constructing buildings and statues. 

Metamorphic rocks(MARBLE) : used to manufacture statues and decorative items such as vases. Ground up marble is also a component of toothpaste, plastics, and paper.
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There are many uses of rocks. Actually the things or structure around us which include Buildings , Dams are made up of rock in it's finest state which is called as Cement.

The buildings use cement , cement are made up of ash of the rocks.

Rocks are also used to make paintings , decorative pieces and also used in tiling our floors of homes , buildings and many other places.

Hence, there is wide uses of rocks.
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