Can you answer this Riddle?
You want to go to a club but to get in you must respond correctly to what the bouncer says. The bouncer says 12 to one man and the man responds 6, he is allowed in. The bouncer says 6 to another man and the man says 3, he too is allowed in. A third man walks up and the bouncer says 10 and the man responds 5, but he is denied entry. What number should he have said to get in?



3 is the number that we should say to get in . Because,'ten' contains three letters .
He should have said 3.the rule is to respond with the number of letters in the number the bouncers says.T-W-E-L-V-E has 6 letters,S-I-X- has 3 letters and T-E-N has three letters.
1 5 1