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when a fresh seed is kept under sunlight, it loses its moisture...

Usually,a plant cell's vacuole will be filled with water+minerals-this is known as cell sap..when the vacuole is filled with cell sap the cell is called a turgid cell..when this seed is kept under sunlight,the vacuole loses the cell sap..coz of this the seed may shrink..this seed's cells are now called flaccid cells

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xan you tell what will happen if it is kept under direct sunlight becouse I thik ow it will hapen you have justified but what will happen due to it i am not able to understand can you please tell me
yah i think I got it will it start to germinate?
its my doesn't germinate...a seed will germinate only if it has co2+water+sunlight..but here it is kept only in sunlight,so it will only lose its moisture and shrink