Its nature's wonderful phenomena. ..
Frkn the tiniest living organisms  to the biggest living  organisms,all are made up of numerous  cells..infact alll of them have differnt functions. ..
Its like cells->tissues->organ->organ system->human body..its worth appreciatng tht the scientists  did a great effort in knowing abut human body..
Microscopic structure is like u see the human:how it works!!!!
Microscopes  invention is truly great...
And even we r now able to use electronic microscope s when gve us much easier look...the cells are the basic unit of life..
It starts as a single cell and multiplys within..its an amazing thing...tje world has the tiniest  cell and al,so the largest cell!!!
The3 is also much differnce jn plant and animal cell..
All this making of celll to a whole human can be done only by god...
He is the one who keeps life on earth going..------------
Hope this helped
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