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    Health is very important for all of us.  If we are sick, we cannot probably study properly, enjoy life, work well or play games properly or talk nicely with others.  

   To keep ourselves healthy we need to maintain our body in shape, eat sufficiently but not excessively, eat a balanced food.  We must eat at regular intervals.  We must take in vitamins, water, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fibrous food in sufficient quantities each day.  Good exercise makes our metabolism perfect and burns fat.  Eating fatty foods and fried foods is not very advisable.

    Immunity against diseases and foreign organisms (like viruses and bacteria) is very important for us to keep healthy.  Unfortunately in this world we have too many harmful bacteria and viruses floating in air, water or other materials.  So we need to protect carefully ourselves from them. 
   To wash hands before eating, keeping food safely, eating fresh food, not eating junk food are some of the good habits.  Also our body has an immune system that fights against viruses and harmful organisms.  For the immune system to function well, we must eat sufficient minerals and vitamins each day.

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