Study is very important in the life .age is no bar for study because in olden days people did not study even if they studied they do not have knowledge what now have .now a days education is very important to live in this society even the who works in the farm is all so educated ,with out that he/she doesn't know what kind of pesticides to use for which crop Pleasant mark me brilliant
AGe is no bar if one wants to learn. One learns about things through experience. People learn from their success, failure, achievement and disappointment in life. Learning is possible at every stage of life.SOMEWHERE I heard this phrase once, “Life is a teacher, we are its students.” I came across this phrase last year when I was doing my post graduation at a university where I happen to meet this lady with the name Suhana.She was sitting next to me answering all the questions. She had answers to every question. Then I asked her, “Are you really a mother of two?” To my shock, the reply was ’yes’ with a winning smile. Then I pryingly continued my conversation as how others in the college talk about her achievements in life. Soon we became good friends.