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The personality I love the most is malala Yousafzai. Just like everyone even I came to know about her after that attack in which she was shot thrice by a Taliban while returning from the school in her school van. I came to know more about her after reading her book- I'm Malala - the girl who stood up for education and was shot by Taliban. The introductory sentence of the book clarifies the condition of the environment in which she was brought up- I was born in a country which was created in midnight and when I almost died it was mid day. Malala is quite confident before others. She is not at all afraid of anything. Fear is not at all her companion. Fear happen when we imagine worst possible things going to happen in future. So fear is not real. For Malala, there is nothing more worsen to imagine other than death which she came face to face once in her life. So she is not at afraid. Her fearlessness is quite amazing. Her father named her Malala after the historic legend of swat residents. According to the legend, when the male soldiers started failing in the war, the young lady named Malala came to the war field to fight. She fought till her death. But her courage is still passed on from generation to generation through this legend. Malala always loved to study. When Taliban prohibited education for girls, malala was struggling to hide herselves away from their eyes while going to get father's school. She loves reading books . But above all, the reason behind her success is her family. They support her well. Malala Yousafzai became the youngest to win Nobel prize. Her UN speech is quite famous. One child , one book, one teacher can change the world. Malala currently owns an organization named malala fund which aims at helping the girl children all over the world and thk propagate education. In the our world, where girls are only meant to do safety jobs.....malala a young youth , is handling terribly dangerous work. Her courage, determination and simplicity are really appreciable