As we all know children are the future of the country so it depends on them that how would be the future of India .If they are crime free country will also be crime free and if they are criminals the future would be same.
So crime free children are very important for the future of the nation and the children become criminals as ,if parents does not have much money so they send their children for work and no one there to tell the good and bad things because parents are not present there so they adopt all things going in their surroundings . For e.g.- how their manager treat them or how they act with them .
Not only because of child labours children also become criminals when their parents does not give time to them they are busy in their jobs and then children do activities that sometimes harm us as -watching lots of television etc. And the whole day parents are not at home and they watch movies ,play computer games instead of playing .
So for making the future of the nation bright and crime free so we should make the children study and parents should give time to them and there should be no child labours .
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