The more that you read the more you will know..the more you learn the more places you will go..a very warm goodmorning to one and all present over i am here to convey a speech on adult education is very essential for our life..not only students can learn everyone has a right to does not have an age helps a person to communicate and learn etc....the level of education in India in the past time was very anxious however it is being better day by day...there has been some revolutionary charges as well in the Indian education is the only tool to remove literacy from the society..the adult education necessary for the personal enrichment of the of all age groups people plays a great role in lifting the nations economic condition to the height of can be continued all through the life because it does not end with the schooling.individual education plays a great role in the development and growth of life,person,society and country.. to conclude i would like to say that adult education is very necessary and it helps in many ways..thank you
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