Can you answer this Riddle?
Before dying, a father left a will to his two sons telling of a gold-panning stream that had supported his father's family long and hard. The will said that the two sons could make one, only one trip to the stream to pan for gold, but for as long as they wanted, and that whoever carried the gold back got it. On their way to the stream, the two sons lost a big fraction of their supplies, reducing their stay to two months. All they had now were some food, a mule, and panning supplies. During their stay, they managed to pan and smelt a gold bar 5 inches in diameter and 5 inches in height. Back in their hometown, the two sons disputed long and hard in court over who should get the gold bar. Now, the judge was a wise one. Who did he say got the gold bar?



I think the answer is mule.
The given data says that the two sons managed to pan out a large piece of gold. It must be heavy and must have been carried back to their home-town by the mule.

The will clearly stated that whoever carried the gold back to the hometown was the owner of it.

Since the mule carried it back to town, it is the owner of the gold bar.