ponnu bhavan
sneha bhavan
                   dear sneha,
                              how was your birthday celebration ?   first of all i am telling you sorry because i am not able to come for your birthday celebration. now i am writing this letter to you to describe you that how we celebrated our environment day in our boarding school. 
  At 10.00 am we had a small meeting at the school campus. The district collector inaugurated the ceremony. He made an awareness about protecting our earth by planting trees and more. Then he also plant a guava tree in our school campus. After that there is a class about protecting our earth by planting trees , avoiding deforestation , and more
  then we have a small walk through our place by handing some posters about planting trees . and we also plant more and more trees  around our campus and now also we are watering that plants and also we not only planted flower plants and all we also made a vegetable garden and name it "our step towards health". at last we arranged a small function , we dance, we sing, and all and there are so many competitions   like essay writing and all . i am winner of essay writing competition
                          convey my regards to mom and your sister
                                           by your lovely,
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