Dear disha,
                    How are you at your new boarding school in jaipur? How are your studies going? I hope you will get good results in your final examination.
Life is boring without you here in dubai.I miss those old days where we used chat together over our houses and drink Pepsi. Ever since you left,I felt very lonely and miserable.
But the Environment Day at our school bought a change. We had to clear up some parks in the form of groups. In my group,there was nazira,hisana,hirfana. At first,I was nervous on how these people who turn out to be. But my answer came to me soon. We had a lot of fun together. Besides cleaning up, we chatted a lot. I told them about you and they said that they would be my new friends.
I am very happy today.I have finally found some new friends. But that doesn't mean that I will forget you.I will always write to you. Come and visit me in the vacations and I will introduce you to my new friends.

                                                        Your Friend,