Let me introduce you to (Insert Sponsored Child’s name)… (Insert Sponsored Child’s name) is ___ years old, and lives in (insert city and country name). I sponsor (him/her) through Children International, a nonprofi t organization based in Kansas City, Missouri, which helps impoverished children around the world. Children International provides medical care, decent clothing, and educational tools for children in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the United States. I would like to show you a brief video that tells you more about Children International. (Begin video. When it ends, continue with the rest of your speech.) Since I have been a sponsor, I have developed a one-to-one connection with my sponsored child that has provided me more satisfaction than I could ever have imagined. For a low monthly contribution, I receive a photo and two letters a year from my sponsored child. In (Insert Sponsored Child’s name)’s letters, I learn about his/her family, his/her world, and what is important to him/her. I also write letters to (Insert Sponsored Child’s name) to tell him/her about my life. In addition to my monthly contribution, I can send my sponsored child special gifts for his/her birthday and Easter or send a Special Hug gift. If his/her family is in need of items such as a bed or latrine, I have that option to make a special donation to provide him/her with those necessities. Through sponsorship, I have discovered that my sponsored child is just like me. He/She has similar values, similar goals and dreams – except for the fact that he/she lives in poverty. With this in mind, I need to tell you that sponsoring (Insert Sponsored Child’s name) has changed my life! It costs so little to provide a poor child with hope that his/her world is forever changed! I ask you to make the commitment to join me by becoming a sponsor today. You can sponsor a child by completing one of the brochures I have provided and mail it in to Children