How to write 1 minute speech ?
How to write 1 minute speech in 20 minutes

illuminati why u given ans in comments place but nice answer
illuminati why u given ans in comments place but nice ans
use thoughts of famous personalities in speech
Well..the thing is tha everytime I write quite a long answer, the moderators will be deleting mine saying I copied it from internet. And if I write and they delet even befre the asked one could see, it wont be of any help. I wish now they wont delete these comments accusing something else
ND one more things,,while delivering your speech, you can use some facts ( like every 3 minute one case of women harassment is filed, our global temperature increasing rate and all...) and while using these facts you can say them will help in pointing out the importance of the matter


Ash help from bigger class student in your school there can help you and you can understand cleanly
First you should prepare a speech on your own then browse on internet or some other books and add more. speak as much clearly by raising your voice on the time you want to raise it and speak slowly where you want to speak slowly. then only speak by looking towards the audience and don't look down when u speak. use thoughts of some famous personalities to make your speech more interestable