I remember the first day of mine at school. The rain was heavily pouring and the wind was blowing even in the morning time. I was too nervous and a bit excited. On reaching the classroom, I chose the last row to be seated as I had no friends. After the class teacher entered the class, he placed me in the first bench and asked me to introduce myself. I really felt comfortable even in a completely new environment just because I liked the teacher as he was frank and polite to me. Teaching learning process involves a teacher and a student. It is very important for both of them to have a healthy relationship in order to carry out the teaching learning process smoothly. Teachers are known to be the second parents. Parents provide us moral education and teachers provide us rest of the knowledge necessary for living and knowing the world. The gurus of ancient era are now addressed by ‘sir’ or the last name. The child’s relationship with the teacher determines the grade and academics of the student. Teachers control the destiny of the students for more that two decades. Ultimately, the product comes out. The way the teacher  has shaped the mind and creativity of the student then shows. Establishing a positive teacher student relationship helps to yield a beautiful environment in the classroom. A teacher is also a guide, a friend, a counsellor and also like a gardener who waters the tiny flowers called children.
Students have a lot of duties to their teachers. These duties towards teachers should be followed and practiced by other. Student should have due respect for his teachers. He must have profound regards for them. He should obey the advise given by his teachers. He also should follow these regularly. When teachers teach in the class the students should be attentive and silent. The lecture of the teacher should be listened carefully. It is because what ever teacher speaks in the class is a learning for a students. The students should also be interactive in the class. He should also ask question regarding the subject of lecture. Student should also have belief and trust on teachers. Teachers are the best guardian after parents. So students must have great respect and faith in teachers and must show good performance in the examination.