Hello Neha,
Please find following is the welcome letter to new employee.


We are delighted you have joined us! Your contribution is important to ensure our sustained success and growth. We hope that your career here will be a gratifying one. You would get maximum support from the whole of our team and we look forward to having the best relations with you. 

I welcome to u on the behalf of (Company Name) 
I hope you will find (Company Name) as a cool place to work with !!! 

Please let me know in case of any problem. 

Thanks and Regards,

Hope this will be somewhat helpful to you.

Dear xxx,

Welcome to the xxx(ex.firm). You are now a member of one of the most progressive investment banking firms in the country with offices across the country. Please file an expense report in Human Resources, and we will reimburse you for your moving expenses. We will cut your first paycheck on June 1.

We are very happy to have your analytical talent in our office. Apply it, work hard, and together we can reach new heights. Best wishes in your new position.


xxxx(ex.head )                                                                                               xxx(fullname/company's name)

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