" Smoking thrills but kills "
Yes I accept with the given sentence that " smoking thrills but kills " We know that when any one smokes then we would be really effected with the many diseases like lung cancer and even some other lung disorder. Well it's a bad luck that now a days every one are getting addicted to the smoking and all other things. The smoking not just effect the one who smokes it even effects the one who breath that contaminated air. Really if one is smoking even the one around him will be effected. So I rather suggest to stop smoking because it a disadvantage and a big problem for everyone. The diseases caused by smoking are literally in curable because the smoking is a kind of habit that once any one would get addicted to that then that person will never get rid of that habit. Therefore I conclude that smoking is injurious to our health.
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Smoking is the reason behind increased incidence of cancers of lung, urinary baldder etc.... Smoking causes diseases such as * Brochitis * Emphysema * Coronary heart disease * Ulcer * Oxgen deficiency... Smoking causes deadly diseases
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