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I do believe that trees need to be replaced when they are cut down. 

I say the animals should just go somewhere else Houses would be more expensive.

 We would have to build houses from concrete, glass, metal, or some other expensive material.

 There would be no new wood furniture. Beds, dressers, shelves. And et cetera would have to be made of either stone, metal, or plastic. There would be no more paper money. Everyone would have to use credit or debit cards or coins. (No more money for homeless people.)

 We need paper for books. Ebook readers are worse for the environment than paper. We need cardboard for shipping.

 No one wants to receive iron crates in the mail.

There is nothing wrong with cutting down trees.

People have been doing it since the dawn of civilization.

 People need jobs and loggers are one of them .

There are a few basic reasons why rainforests and other timber are cut down :

The timber provides material for the lumber and building industries. In the case of exotic woods, it has export value.

·         The land that is cleared of forest now becomes available for agricultural use as farm or grazing land. The same land can become new population areas as well.

·         Clear-cutting and draining land also makes it easier to explore for minerals, oil, and gas.

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Whatever the topic be there is one thing that i can state
cut down as many trees as you want but nurture the growth of atleast double the number of trees cut so as to be in a safer environment.
that is for one tree cut grow two plants into trees.