1. Martyrs of Pathankot Attack 2016
“If only they understood that mere bullets could never diminish the light of an Indian soldier’s soul, who is ever ready to die for his nation.” On the early hours of Janurary 2nd, 2016, 5-7 armed terrorists (suspected of Jaish-e-Mohammed militants) attacked Pathankot Air Force Station.
2. Indian soldiers who died protecting us
In the battle which ensued, around 9 brave-hearts of Indian Defense Force died martyr. We can’t even begin to feel the pain caused by the void of their absence in the lives of their loved ones. Read to know about their personal side of these brave sons of the Indian soil died protecting us.
3. Corporal Gursewak Singh of Garud Commando Force
He was fatally hit during the initial round of gunfire, but this didn’t stop him to continue fighting for his nation. And, before any medical aid could reach him, Corporal Gursewak Singh peacefully died in the arms of his motherland.
. Lt. Col. Niranjan of National Security Guard
hough he was born and brought up in Bengaluru, but for Lt. Col. Niranjan Kumar, his heart and soul belonged to his hometown Kerala. His father EK Sivaranjan moved to the city with his wife and Niranjan’s two brothers and sister. Niranjan lost his mother at a very young age. His friends remember him as jovial friend, who was fond of batting. His eagerness to contribute towards his nation saw him enrolling for the NCC at school level. He later went on to be a member of NSG’s Bomb Disposal Squad.