Pollution:: contamination of the nature/environment by the contaminants which  results in an adverse change of temperature and etc...
some types of pollutio are:
1-air pollution.
2-water pollution.
3-sound pollution.
4-soil pollution.

this pollution is man made and this is mainly of deforestation so we as this earths part we must respond to this and we must solve this problem which is created by the human,

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Contamination of air by the addition of harmful substances is called pollution.
There are 3 type of pollution are as follows:
1. air pollution
2. water pollution
3. sound pollution

when we are using the refrigerator, air conditioner ,it cause air pollution.
when we are polluting the rivers by adding the waste from our homes ,it cause air pollution.
when the ultrasound is passing through the mind ,it cause sound pollution.

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