Where does UNICEF operate and where is it based? 
UNICEF's work is carried out in 192 countries through country programmes and National Committees. Some 85 per cent of the organization's posts are located in the field. There are seven regional offices as well as country offices worldwide, a research centre in Florence, a supply operation in Copenhagen and offices in Geneva, Tokyo and Brussels. UNICEF headquarters are in New York.

How can I contact UNICEF (in my country)?
To find postal and email addresses and telephone numbers for UNICEF offices worldwide, go to 'Worldwide contact information.'

How and where do I apply for a job with UNICEF?
You can find information about current vacancies, internships, UNICEF’s Young Professional Programme and the United Nations Junior Professional Officer programme on the UNICEF employment pages.

How do I go about volunteering to work for UNICEF?
Information on volunteering is available on the volunteers page.

How do I make a donation?
Thank you for your interest in supporting UNICEF. Our work depends entirely on voluntary contributions. Donate now. Or find out about other ways to support UNICEF.

What does UNICEF do?
For detailed information on UNICEF’s priorities, supporting activities and how we work, go to ‘What we do’.

For an overview of UNICEF’s mission and guiding principles, read about ‘Who we are.’

What is UNICEF doing in my country, or in different countries around the world?
UNICEF is active in nearly every country around the world.

I’m a young person. What do you have for me?
Read about how young people are getting involved, learn about the issues, or join a discussion in Voices of Youth.

Full form of UNICEF is United Nations Children's Fund.