The main theme of this poem is that the head panch only speaks the truth and it is God who speaks in his voice. the plot revolves around 2 incidents involving the protagonists- Jumman Sheikh and Alagu Chowdari. These 2 are the thickest of friends and this was deeply rooted by faith and a community of ideas between them. The first incident is revolving Jumman and his maternal aunt . She had given Jumman a plot of land and in return asked him to keep her in good health and take care of her. this was signed in an agreement. After the transfer of the plot of land , Jumman's wife ill-treats and abuses his aunt verbally. annoyed and frustrated, the aunt decides to go to the panchayat and asks the entire village to be present there. it happens so that Alagu is the head panch and he gives the verdict against the favor of his friend, Jumman. Jumman , infuriated and astonished , is just waiting patiently to take his revenge. He was fortunate enough. Samjhu Sahu , a trader , had bought a fine western breed bullock from Alagu on credit. This bullock was very health and physically fit and strong. But after it started working for Sahu, it lost its weight drastically due to lack of rest. It happened that one night , the bullock died of blows and Sahu was robbed of the articles he was to sell. Realizing the the next morning , he completely blamed alagu for this. One infuriated Alagu took this matter up to the panchayat and his luck was not very goes , as Jumman became the head panch. But , it happened so , that Jumman gave the verdict in favor of Alagu. This , clearly shows that truth overcomes friendship in psalms of life.
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