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1. First and most important thing is that you've some qualities to be as a motivator.
2. You're a good motivator in your mother tongue.
3. Great attractive words for motivation (it's about experience).
4. Brilliant not in grammar but to catch the position (feeling) of anybody.
5. Learn about the society and people (sociology).
6. First try to motivate your self first 'cause if the motivator is lazy then what will other do? So focus on it.
7. Watch out videos of some motivators like Sandeep Maheshwari, Himesh etc.
8. Prepare your self before your session very well because your one mistake could do many mistakes in anybody's life.
9. Never show the theoretical or fictional conditions show a common person's condition as an example.

Most important thing is starting and ending of your session, you've to focus on it with highest priority.

(*This is my experience.)
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