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Good morning to one and all present here,
Today i am standing before you to say words about good deeds reflect good character,
A Good character is almost ideal for everyone.Each and every child want to be like that.But have we ever thought about the character.I want to say that how these characters are built.What did they do for these great characters. The peoples like mahatma Gandhi were ordinary like us.But what make them special and great?It's nothing but its their good work and deeds.So let me say the conclusion if you also want a good character then do good deeds.

                                                                   Thank You
There is a phrase 'good work and bad work comes back,so be good' .this phrase also teaches us a good days there are hardly people left who thinks about others welfare.all the people are just concerned about there own selves.we always do something which will be beneficial for us.but i think that we should look after the welfare of the poor people.when we do something for others,we  first of all feel better and the happiest person in the world.we get a lot of blessing from the people whom we have as a fact good deeds reflect good characters.
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