XOXO is a term used to express good friedship at the end of a letter,email or an SMS. Someone told me that in XOXO, 'X' refers to hugs,'O' refers to kisses,then again'X'means kisses and'O' means hugs.someone also told me that the last 'X' that means kisses also signify a kiss that dates back to as early as 1765
hope it helps you
The definition of XOXO is "Hugs & Kisses"
doesn't it means lip to lip kiss?
no,that is not the meaning
The definition of XOXO is "Hugs & Kisses"
The Meaning of XOXOXOXO means "Hugs & Kisses"
So now you know - XOXO means "Hugs & Kisses" 
What does XOXO mean? XOXO is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the XOXO definition is given. 
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