So the topic for today is serve and deserve.this topic is very new to me but i will put my best effort in writing this the first thing that comes to our mind is ,what is the meaning of serve and deserve?the meaning is a very simple actually means that if we do good to others then we are so worthy og good.untill and unless ,we will not help and do good to others,we will never be one may be watching our deeds,but there is one and that is god who is always watching us and our deeds.he keeps records of all our good and bad deeds.when ever we do something good to someone,god always rewards us something good in return.we are rewarded because we deserve so.if we give money to anyone who needs it,our bank balance will never decrease instead it will definitely increase.this was just a small example of good deed.i hope i have been successful in making you all understand this topic clearly.