Education is really important in our lives now. Everyone needs to get educated, to have knowledge, should utilize Right to educate & inform. Still we see the discrimination of educating a son, not the daughter. Sometimes poverty acts as an obstacle which leads to kids’ getting dropout.  But education has no age bar. When you are in good circumstances, start from the beginning again. Do not worry about how old you are.  Educate yourself. Government is running many schools & programs under which old people or adults are getting free education. Our India’s literacy rate is not that good in comparison to first world countries.  So we need to boost up to make ourselves more literate so that no one can fool us in any condition.


Too many effective literacy programs have been introduced which are really working hard for the country growth & development. Few good names are Prod shiksha, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Sahajani Shiksha Kendra, South Sudan, National Literacy Mission, etc.


All these big programs & nonprofit organizations are working to provide basic primary education to every age category & to every gender. They have the made an attempt to provide an opportunity to live your life independently. Yes, they are focused towards providing quality education & vocational training as well so that they can earn side by side. Generally these programs are running in rural areas because somehow we develop the urban cities but forget to educate & develop the rural areas. So specifically these kinds of programs are running in rural parts of the country where education reach is comparatively less. If we talk about Madhya Pradesh, few areas are still living in the darkness of no education. Rajasthan, the historical field of our nation is also having few areas which are deprived of education, especially girls. 


You must have heard about National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), which is specifically working for women education & empowerment. Its main mission is to cover as much as villages it can & educating them for future. In fact residential schools are there where these families live, educate & earn also. These kinds of organizations take up all the responsibilities of stationary, their accommodation, learning material, clothing, and food etc. focusing on sustainability, these organizations are really doing a good job. 


What’s wrong in this if a 40 year old lady can read & write? Isn’t it a proud for the family that they are blessed with education? An educated mother can educate her own child. She doesn’t have to depend on her husband for money as she can earn by herself. An educated father would never get fooled by educated people in business. Your educated daughter can find the perfect educated boy for herself. No more dowry victims will be there. You will have your own image in the society. Education is like earning respect. 

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