Modern gadgets have made us slave. According to me , this is absolutely correct
We can see it in our daily life, everywhere you will found people engaged in their mobile phones , PC , tabs etc.
These gadgets were made to save our time but now a days , this sound little bit weird , they are only wasting our time if we are not using it in a sense.
I know , that they help us in many ways , but we are just hooked to them . It not only kills our creativity and burns our talent hell out but it has many adverse effect on our health.
Slowly and gradually time is changing , we are fully dependent on these items , we can't even think of losing them. They are just the part of our regular routine . An average person see his or her mobile phone 50 -60, times a day.
They all have seized us , that day is not too far when machines will control us . It just a begning .

We should use gadgets but in a proper manner that it should not harm us any how and it should also help us.

Today's youth has been distracted due to this , they can be seen online late nights and mostly wasting there times on these gadgets They have became a source of wasting human resources.
If we want something , want to search something we just simply see our phone or check out internet why we? doesn't perform any assaults to do this? We have books, teachers etc. who will guide us.
But we are human and we will opt for the easiest way. Instead?

So last but not the least , use the technology , don't let it become your bane . Use it friendly and in a right manner. Be a Commander not a slave .