From : 
                                                                                      door number 4-1/7, 
                                                                                      east colony, 
My dear friend,
                              I'm fine and awesome and hope even you are sailing in the same boat of mine. I'm enjoying my holidays and I hope your also having a great time there in Bangalore. I'm writing this letter to inform you about the intense hot season. 
                           Hey as we know all know that the hot season i.e. summer season is on. The sun is too hot than as we all thought. There are some places in Indian where most of the people die due to the sun stroke in summer season. Even we can tackle the sun's heat and try to be awesome and cool in this hot season also. We need to have a plenty of the water and try to get rid of the hot temperature or else we will need to struggle a lot. The hot sun will not go any where instead we need to escape from it and try to be cool and away from hot sun. This summer season is the only season where we can even enjoy a lot because we can have many special things like mango, watermelon and even the ice creams also. Hope you'll enjoy this summer a lot.
                                             Convey my regards to aunt uncle and your siblings also. Hope we will meet soon. 
                                                                                          Yours lovingly,
door number 17/4-7,
R.K nagar,