The Black feminism movement was formed in response to the needs of the women who felt racially oppressed by the Women's Movement and sexually oppressed by the Black Liberation Movement. Black feminist scholars assert that African-American women are doubly disadvantaged in the social, economic, and political sphere, because they face discrimination on the basis of both race and gender.Black women felt that their needs were being ignored by both movements and they struggled to identify with either based on race or gender. African-American women who use the term Black feminism attach a variety of interpretations to it.One such interpretation is that Black feminism addresses the needs of African-American women that the Feminism Movement largely ignores. Feminism, as Black feminist theorist Pearl Cleage defines it, is "the belief that women are full human beings capable of participation and leadership in the full range of human activities—intellectual, political, social, sexual, spiritual, and economic".With this definition, the feminist agenda can be said to encompass different issues ranging from political rights to educational opportunities within a global context.The Black feminist agenda seeks to streamline these issues and focuses on those that are the most applicable to African-American women.