17th April 2016,Sunday 8.50 p.m. Today I am very happy as I touched a milestone in my life. I had decided to learn reading only few months ago and also set Saraswati Pooja as deadline for it. Today is Saraswati Pooja and I have achieved my goal within the deadline. I celebrated my accomplishments today as I can read a book now. It was my pleasure to call Sudha to the Pooja place to express my gratitude and honour her as she has been my teacher. To my surprise, she had also brought a gift for me. It was the novel ‘Kashi Yatre’. I felt really elated to accept the book from her because I value it more than the highest degree from a university. It was not a mere gift for me rather I felt as if being awarded a certificate from my teacher for having passed the test with flying colours.
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17/4/2016 11:00 pm Sunday,

Today i am very happy as i have learnt to read. It was my dream that have come true.the desire to learn was always their in my heart but the circumstances were not favorable am grateful to my granddaughter for being so concentrate and patient with me and taught me how to read in such a short period.
Today she gifted me my favorite novel "KASHI YATRE" written by famous writer Triveni. As I learnt to read,i became very happy to see i identify myself with the novel's protagonist i read it with so interest and became curious to know what will happen next to the protagonist.
Now i feel independent because i learnt how to read and i will not depend on others to know the story.This was only possible because of my granddaughter and her efforts on me to make me able to read. 

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