Summary: This story is written by Saki (Hector Hugh Munro). This story is set up in the colonial period in India. The main topic of this story is ‘tiger hunt’ but the tiger hunt has been used to satirically depict the sense of grandeur which the British people had while their stay in India. This story is about one Mrs. Packletide who wants to kill a tiger so that she can tell her tales of bravery and glory. She also plans to display her prized possessions; like tiger skin and items made from various parts of a tiger. She has an experienced assistant who has worked on similar assignments in the past. She also has villagers who are willing to work in the hope of getting paid in cash. The story shows various details of all the preparations which used to go on before the actual hunting. The author tries to make a fun at selection of an old tiger which has lost its vigour to hunt a suitable prey. The story ends with an irony because the bullet hits the goat; instead of hitting the tiger. But the tiger dies in spite of not being hit by the bullet. But Mrs. Packletide plans to come up with suitable stories of her gallantry. Her assistant Miss Mebbin blackmails her and extracts enough money to buy a nice cottage. Loona Bimberton is does not appear to be happy at Mrs. Packletide’s achievement.
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