India is a democratic country however illiteracy has made its democracy almost meaningless. Education of all age group people plays great role in lifting the nation’s economic condition to the heights of progress. There is a huge percentage of total population is illiterate in India which is very poor. Adult education is very necessary in India as it is a powerful tool for the progress in the country. An uneducated adult can never understand the value of education in life so his/her next generation can also be illiterate as he/she understand that only earning for two time meals is enough fro living. He never understand his/her responsibility towards family, society and country.

The vast section of the illiterate people need compulsory and effective education plan as well as active support and co-operation of the government and other educated people of the society. Social education is needed for them to guide in daily healthful activities and earn better to strengthen the financial condition. Ignoring education is more sin than being an illiterate and they are more burden to the society. There is a hope for progress in the country through spreading the awareness about adult Education. The purpose of education is to bring some good behavioral changes in the human being as well as make them able to understand everything related to life and their benefits. A best education teaches everyone to adopt a positive approach by removing all the negative thoughts and activities.

Illiteracy in India has not only some reasons, there are many reasons affecting the education of weaker section of the society. Some people feel shame while studying in their later age that’s why they should understand that learning is not limited, however it is a continuous process and can be get at any age of life. Being in touch with the learning and knowledge all through the life is very important for everyone to go together with the competitive and ever changing environment. Some people like to sit and talk among their friends instead of getting education so they should be motivated towards education accordingly. Some persons keep their books far and feel relax (just like a huge burden has been out of their head) just after getting job. So there are varieties of illiteracy in the society. It needs some effective and regular plan to bring learning and education in practice for whole life.

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