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A memorable holiday spent with my grandmother


  When I was young I had spent more holidays with my grandmother.Those days were very nice.Her place was not very close to my home, even if we used to  go to her home often. One day, me, my sisters and cousins  gathered at my grandma's house and we decided to spend a whole holiday with her. She was very happy when she heard it. We had more plans on how to spent the time there. 

  We played  caroms and hiding games.  Grandmother told us  a lot of stories and she sang for us.She cooked many sweets for us. We went to the pool . We swam together. That was very enjoyable  for us. Some boys  among us climbed on the mango tree, picked mangoes and threw  to us.

  One of the boys was very  small and he couldn't climb up the tree. He told us that he would climb the tree if grandma allowed..We knew that he was boasting  to us, so we all laughed  . Grandmother prepared many food items for us . After the dinner we slept together with grandma. 

  Next day morning after the breakfast we sadly said good byes and left for our own houses.I think it was a nice, memorable holiday in my life. 

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