A horizontal rod AB carries three loads of 3.0 kg, 7.0 kg and 10.0 kg at distances of 2.0 cm, 9.0 cm and 15 cm respectively from A where it is hinged. Neglecting the weight of the rod, which is the point at which the rod will be balance ?

A. 10.45 cm form A B. 11.25 cm from A C. 12.55 cm from A D. 13.25 cm form A




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Let the distance of balancing point be x cm from A.
Balancing moments of loads,

(15-x) 10 = (x-9) 7 + (x-2)3

150 - 10x = 10 x - 69

20 x = 219

x = 10.45 cm from A