Purva's Diary
21st March, 2016
This was a day I could never forget. Yes, my dream of visiting the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre came true. My family tour to Kerala was already running on successfully, and finally I got the permit to visit the VSSC in Thiruvananthapuram. 
     Words cannot describe my feelings. I was extremely excited and impatient to go there. I had first filled a registration form, got their permit and visited it today morning. Though we were stuck in a traffic jam in the way, fortunately, we reached on time. I was very nervous about being stuck in a place with nothing to do.
   However, when we reached the place, I was just blown away seeing their security. The area was heavily guarded, by both Army and Air Force. After all, it's the main Space Centre of ISRO. We entered, underwent the formalities and some security checks and were finally escorted by ISRO officers to the Space Museum.
   The Space Museum was built inside a church, which was also the office of Late APJ Abdul Kalam in the past. Huge scale models of Satellite Launch Vehicles like PSLC, GSLV, and GSLV Mrk-III surrounded the garden around the church.

   When I first entered the Museum, Surprise! Scale Models of ISRO's Space crafts from the beginning point itself. There were not only ISRO's Models, but also those of NASA, Soviet Space Union (now Roscosmos), ESA (European Space Agency), etc. There was also an original piece from the Shuttle Recovery Experiment (SRE). We were shown some clips on India's Space Program, Vikram Sarabhai and his ambitions. The guides were extremely knowledgeable and explained everything lucidly.
   Finally, we got the info on various other Experiments and Future Missions of ISRO.
   Last but not the least, we were shown the chair and desk on which Abdul Kalam used to work himself! It was the most magical feeling.
   Overall, I can surely conclude that this is going to be the best day of my vacations.



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