Plzzzzzzzz answer my questions... xam tomorow.

1.Burning of a carcoal in a closed room will produce:-
a)Carbon dioxide
b)Carbon monoxide
c)Nitrogen Dioxide

2.What is the color of inner zone in a candle? and why?
3.What type of substance produce flame? (related to candle maybe)



I guess it is carbon dioxide. not so sure
then sorry which std? i m a 7th grader
i 8th grader still i dont know
can angelofdarkness tell me the other answers?
come on this is ur homework isn't it
yessssssssssss and we have a class test in it whuch have 10 marks and i was out for a compitition and now i'm in a panic
1. its (b)
2. Blue zone: It is near the base of the flame. Here the fresh air rapidly mixes with was vapour formed from the molten wax.A part of wax vapour completely burns and gives rise to blue flame. 
Elements in the first 2 groups and copper are observed to produce colored flames when heated sufficiently. This is because their electrons are excited by the added energy and move to a higher energy level. As they return to their original energy level they emit the energy in the form of light.

acctually the color of the inner zone is black...I know that much and its something relatated to carbon particle i cant understand