Don't know whether vampires exist or not. Some believe this while some not... It totally depends on a persons point of view.
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They dont.
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Have you been watching the vampire diaries or the originals.
No chance you gonna get Damon or his brother.
People who believe in god believe in satan too, or maybe they should.
But vampires do not exist.
Although if there is a fairy land .... or a demon land... you can find vamps in your dreams.
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uh huh... :)
Well, Vampires... Why not.
According to scientists there are various dimensions, space, time, etc. So maybe in anyone among of them. Lol u see nothing is impossible, it's just how u look at things.
So, u mean that vamps might exist..
if bats were considered to be vamps..they sure do exist..but whom are you kiddin?me or you yasalf?