This Independence was a result of long fought freedom struggle against the British rule which finally culminated in Indian’s Independence on 15th August 1947. India got independence on 15th August 1947, but, to reach this day there were a lot of sacrifices made by our leaders, there were ideologies of our leader which later changed the whole world and defined India’s identities as a distinguish nation at the world panorama. If we look back in the history from the period of Mangal Panday, a revolutionary fighter of Indian Independence, till 15th August 1947, history speaks itself of the tyrannical foreign rule and the sacrifice made by a number of patriots. Today India is heading toward a new dawn in all the sphere of modern life, Indian have her successful identities on the world map as a distinguish nation. Today, we are the nation which endorse the largest democracy of the world, today we are the nation which endorse the rich cultural diversity and represent the unity. Today for us there is no such other honour than to say we are proud to be Indians, and on this auspicious occasion I offer my solemn tribute to all the great leaders of this mother land. Jai Hind. 
independence day on august 15  commemorating the nation independence form the british empire on 15 august 1947 ,on 15 august 1947,jawaharlal nehru who had become the first prime minister of india that day  and the lahore gate of the red fort in delhi