Students are continuously stressed as there will be exams almost eveyday.At the same time CBSE is doing away with exams at the Board level creating the situation more laissez-faire, There is no uniformity in evaluation from school to school.The schools are giving plenty of A grades to students most of them donot deserve it. They pass out Class X with gorgeous marks and get admission in the stream of their ‘choice’ . Class XI will turn out to be extremely difficult for them. They waste 2 years or more – failing in class XI and XII.CCE is not suitable for a country like India where there are overcrowded classroom ranging from 50 to 65 students per class.The teachers are also overburdened with lot of clerical work – assigning and tabulating the CCE scores, making reports, evaluating — all these at the cost of the time to be spent of preparation for real classroom teaching.
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CCE is very good for students as it is a very interesting way of learning.