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Based on my experience, a lot of teachers have a tendency to "spoon feed" their students.

"Spoon feeding" is giving a students all the information outright without letting them learn it on their own. Because of this practice, students have become lazy in studying and they are confident that their teachers will give them a passing mark without exerting any effort in learning the subjects taught.

This practice have a negative effect on students especially when they graduate because they expect everything to be handed down to them without them working hard for it. They have the feeling of entitlement and are quick to give up when things don't go their way.
u have to tell teachers not to give passing marks or important question which are coming in paper .the students only read that question on to pass in exams to show the parents were are working hard to get good mark but parent dont know that there child is not hard work
revision of last class topics should be done in every day before starting class and ask questions regularly..
write and study
ok but not up to the mark
its cool