Okay not actually an essay but I can surely give you some points
: Studying together we are prepared for the real world
: Interactions helps in building personality
: competition among students is at a stronger level ; kinda
: we learn to respect the opposite gender
: we learn to understand a more vast relation
that's all I could think of, hope it helps :)
according to me this is the most absurd idea .. separate classrooms only show how backward and narrow minded one can be!
Should Girls and Boys Be in Separate Classes? The problem of education of boys and girls together has always been quite important and stressing, because many parents believe that if the classes are divided according to the gender of the children, it can increase the effectiveness of the educational process. Years ago separate classes for boys and girls really existed, but today such an approach is considered to be too conservative and strict. Nevertheless, there still supporters of this manner of education and there are opponents to its and both teams try to persuade one another in the sensibility of their ideas and evidence. Naturally, the problem has its positive and negative sides. To begin with, let us dwell on the advantages of studying separately. Many people think that the representatives of the opposite gender distract the attention of students and prevent them from the concentration on the necessary and essential facts delivered by the teacher. Furthermore, the boys are considered to be more rude and violent and it can harm the aesthetic feelings of the female gender. Furthermore, there is the higher possibility of physical conflicts between the boys and it can also cause harm to the girls if they suddenly become involved into the conflict. Evidently, there are more disadvantages in the separation of boys and girls. First of all, boys and girls are different and it is valuable experience for both genders to communicate with the representatives of the opposite gender. Moreover, communication between boys and girls from the earliest years of life helps them in future, because the natural process of socialization is based on the free communication with the surrounding world. Then, not all boys are rude and violent and if there are girls in the class, the boys will try to behave better in order not to lose face in front of the girls. Finally, the educational process is often a competition. Both boys and girls will try to be better and as a result the educational progress of both groups will be improved. In conclusion, the separation of boys and girls has its pluses and minuses but the natural and reasonable approach towards education and bringing up are based on the freedom of communication with both girls and boys.
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