कोन बुद्धीवान
ओळखा पाहु

पहिली दोन अक्षरे घेतली तर तीर्थक्षेत्र

दूसरा आणि तीसरा शब्द घेतला तर एक पदार्थ

तीसरा व चौथा शब्द घेतला तर देवाचे नाव

चारही शब्द घेतले तर एक माणसाचे ना



Kashiram is the answer

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hi i am unable to understand what u r saying
can you translate this marathi question to english or hindi
yes! sorry for late reply
if we take starting two letter first and second it will be a shrine Area if we take second and third letter it will be a thing if we take third and fourth letter it will be the name of god and if we take all the letter and form a word it will be a name of a person.
then what is the answer