Lets start with main differences 1.joint family has more members and nuclear family has less 2.joint family has min 3 generations and nuclear has min2 a joint family grandfather or eldest brother among uncles and father is head/in a nuclear family father is head sometimes grandfather in a small family 4.mostly lives in large house and nuclear mostly lives in small house Differences by topics Discipline- a joint family discipline is important and is essential since you're interacting with so many superiors if one doesn't follow the order family functioning fails In a nuclear family discipline is key but not foremost important as there are mostly only 2 superiors your parents you answer to Attitude to parents- 2.generally elder uncles comes before parents in what you should do, attitude must be min to maintain your parents position in the family matters Generally formal but relaxed Eating habits - 3..formal you have to follow time tables most food is served for people together depends can be enjoyed and can be annoying Casual because very few members so you can eat at different times Competence- 4.very high you've to be competent in studies and later in life, even when you're older to remain where you're in the order or to even proceed Good you might compete against siblings and outsiders Privacy- 5, what is that now you're a grown up so what Good level of privacy Loneliness-   6.Not used to it, sometimes want to feel when annoyed Used to it, sometimes feel there should be more ppl Clothing 7.wear something different laughing stock, hairstyle, clothes, shoes even bags should be in accordance to the rules Wear anything nobody objects, until its too vulgar or stupid Cars 8.scorpios,inniva, qualis, land rover, etc fitting many as possible in a single car Usually indica, wagon r, honda city, small cars Bikes 9.mileage oriented, preffered, easy to drive, no to sport bikes Style oriented ,mileage comes second, sport bikes Incomes 10. Obviously combined income is more but so is expenditure Income is less and so is expenditure Expenditure 11.mostly unequal as high earner pays extra to fill in for the low earners expenditure Mostly equal since there are less ppl Death of the patriarch 12. Might break the family in many cases since fights over property starts also non acceptance if person next in line like oldest uncle is not good enough Doesn't break the family since after fathers death mostly mother runs the house or elder son or they split into their own families stay in contact
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Joint family is a family where all members of the family live together.\
nuclear family where only father,mother and two children live together